Influencer Marketing

Create Buzz. Drive Engagement. Spark Conversation.

Social media is transforming the way business is done. Thanks to its ability to drive action and word of mouth efficiently, it’s fast becoming an integral part of marketing plans for brands large and small.  Create & Associates is excited to add New Media & Influencer Marketing to its promotional offerings.


Influencer Marketing: Scalable and Results Driven

A dynamic and effective way to deepen your relationship with targets, leverage the voice and authority of leading bloggers to convert new customers, increase brand loyalty and drive inbound traffic and ultimately revenue.

  • Identify topic specific bloggers from a curated network
  • Create articles, videos and projects that seamlessly integrate brand messaging and calls to actions
  • Activate approved messaging on targeted sites and further engagement by pushing it on related social media channels
  • Track results through metrics that quantify performance and engagement

Take Your Brand to the Next Level.

From Digital Design Development to Social Media and Blog Infuencers our creative approach is strategically customized for each client. We work with you to create authentic experiences that engage consumers and yield measurable results.