Create & Associates, Inc. is a modern digital design studio based in Westchester, NY with expertise in identity building, web design and development, branding and more. We are conceptual thinkers who can oversee a vision from concept to execution. We design and execute strategies with an impeccable sense of aesthetics and graphic design. And we bring an innovative and thoughtful approach to marketing with today’s emerging technology platforms.

At Create & Associates, we turn complex projects into elegant brand identities and powerful web and print solutions, leveraging our experience to make your brand development and website an asset instead of an expense.

Brand Identity and Messaging

Website Design, Programming and Development

Graphic Design and Print Marketing Materials

Online Publications, Annual Reports and Digital Presentations

The world is competitive! Therefore, it is imperative that you develop a unique brand identity. Your identity speaks a lot about your company. Strong brand identification begins with engaging in unique graphic representations that present your story in front of the target audience. We provide you remarkable Brand Identity Development solutions with a thorough strategic approach that takes your business to the new height.

A brand is consistent message, image and personality that creates a feeling of satisfaction, desire and value in your customers’ minds.

Our Brand Identity Development process is intuitive, streamlined and won’t cost you a small fortune to meet your targets. We help you gain the awareness of your service/product with the efficient brand strategy, which will make the difference between the prosperity of your organization and that of your competitors in the market.
We build client’s identity, using all accumulated information through our comprehensive research to make wise design decisions. To ensure you get the most effective brand identity development solution in NY, the company develops the aspects of the brand’s clear identity – incorporating a logo, typographic instructions and recommended artwork with suitable colour palettes.

We are Westchester’s most trusted website design company, with a dynamic team of web designers and developers. As industry leading professionals, we understand the client’s requirement first and provide bespoke, intuitive web design that not only visually appears great, but also performs to maximize your profit. We specialize in the production of high performing, easy to manage websites running on WordPress as well as other CMS platforms.

Before we can start to design and build your website, we first need to understand your business or organizational objectives, target audiences and other factors that could affect the development of your website. We believe in building websites together with our clients. Our clients know their business objectives, understand their audiences, and need to live with their new website for years to come. It is therefore vital that they contribute to the development of the site and have a real sense of ownership over the final product. If you choose to work with Create and Associates, expect to roll up your sleeves and get involved. You will be contributing to the entire process, from producing wireframes with our team to helping to create content and information architectures.

We turn complex projects into elegant brand identity and powerful web solutions. At Create and Associates, we’ve worked on some really complicated projects. We use our experience to make your brand development, marketing materials or website an asset rather than an expense.

Design is an investment in innovative thinking, positioning, branding and communication that creates value for businesses in terms of competitive advantage, customer trust and loyalty, and market share. In a global economy in which production gravitates toward the lowest cost producer, human-centered design provides the competitive differentiation needed to gain market share. Design is a critical strategic asset that is most effective when employed early in corporate plans, not as a decorative finality.
At Create & Associates, we see ourselves as thinkers first, and designers second. That means our design work focuses more on “why”, and less on “how”. We are in the business of solving problems, and that requires a process to ensure our client’s goals are efficiently met. We don’t just design. We research, study, observe and then we design. Effective design is more than making things pretty.

More and more non profit and for profit organizations are creating all-digital editions of their annual reports, monthly newsletters and marketing communication. The new versions make liberal use of links, audio, animation, and video rather than long, text-heavy articles.

Following are some examples of how Create and Associates designed and produced their Annual Reports online: