La Librairie des Enfants NYC

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New York City First French Children Bookstore

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E-commerce development

Create and Associates implemented an array of finely tuned and custom platforms. We combined several digital platforms including, WordPress, WooCommerce, and Square – as a result, we were able to help our client save time, stay flexible and run a better business.

Marketing materials

Social Media branding and execution

Brand Execution:

  • Designed a custom tailored logo
  • Created unique illustrations
  • Carried the brand identity onto all highly visible print marketing materials
  • Continued the brand identity onto the store signage, shopping bags and promotional materials
  • Design and arrange printing for membership cards
  • Branding was incorporated onto the E-commerce site as well as social media platforms

Web and E-commerce achievements:

  • Designed a fully responsive website that looks and works great on any device, regardless of screen size.
  • Created an easy to use content management system for the backend
  • Created a custom theme that incorporated with the brand identity
  • Created an e-mail system that customers can message from the website itself
  • Installed Anti-Malware and other security firewalls to prevent hackers from stealing sensitive information
  • Installed Google Analytics to gather the most up-to-date information that track users
  • Created a custom manual and has been teaching the client, the store team in person how to manage the E-commerce website backend. The custom training manuals was delivered with clear screenshots and easy to understand instructions – so that our client felt well equipped to handle make alterations, add products, and management inventory remotely.


The store opened December 2016 and is in business

The Librairie is getting nice foot traffic, kids are coming for reading sessions, people are purchasing toys and books, signing up for membership.

  • The Librairie has already been features by the French and New York Press:
    The New York Times
    French / US online magazine
    French Magazine

Lynda Ouhenia is pleased with all the work and looking to expand her web presence with books and toys for sale online.

Cecile Rothschild and her team designed the brand identity, marketing materials and an E-commerce website to open and launch La Librarie des Enfants New York City , a children’s bookstore. They created an E-commerce website in Word Press which gives us the freedom to update and manage the website on our own, which Cecile and her team spent time teaching the staff how to manage and update. 

It is difficult to find a company that can design a full brand identity, implement, design and program an E-commerce website. They are normally experts in only one area, but Create & Associates are experts in both. 

I highly recommend Create & Associates to anyone opening a business, launching product or who has a need for Website & Graphic Design needs.

Lynda Ouhenia

La Librairie des Enfants