Janice Duarte 4 Council

We develop brand identity, digital campaign and content across platform to help our clients launch their business or products.

Icon-category Category : Political Campaign

Political campaign across platforms

Icon-solution Type of Solution :


Website development

Create and Associates implemented and branded  an array of finely tuned and custom platforms. We combined several digital platforms including, WordPress, all social Media Platforms as well as E marketing via Constantcontact

Print Marketing materials

Social Media branding and execution

Brand Execution:

  • Carried the brand identity onto all highly visible print marketing materials
  • Continued the brand identity onto the website and promotional materials
  • Branding was incorporated onto the WordPress website as well as social media platforms

Web and E-commerce achievements:

  • Designed a fully responsive website that looks and works great on any device, regardless of screen size.
  • Created an easy to use content management system for the backend
  • Created a custom theme that incorporated with the brand identity
  • Created an e-mail system that customers can message from the website itself
  • Installed Google Analytics to gather the most up-to-date information that track users
  • Created a custom manual



Launched the redesigned website: Janice Duarte4 Council  July First 2017 and is receiving great reviews.