Direct Source Packaging Brand Identity Building and Packaging

Across platform identity building for Direct Source Packaging

Icon-client Client :

Direct Source Packaging, Inc.

Icon-category Category :

Packaging and Manufacturing

Icon-solution Type of Solution :

Identity building, branding, print, e-mail campaign, packaging, online presentations, trade show displays. In development Website design and implementation

Our work with DSP

Direct Source Packaging (DSP) is a subsidiary of a well-established global packaging company. Its strategy is to present its brand as upscale and contemporary, appealing to their exclusive customer base: designers, fashion-conscious brand managers and bottom-line oriented purchasing managers at large retail organizations.

Challenge: Create a clean, innovative, contemporary look as the core of their brand identity. Incorporate this look and packaging techniques available to the customers into the design of the sample media/product kit, the trade show booth, holiday card and website.

Results: DSP continuously receives rave reviews for their brand identity. From packaging, promotions to their web presence, DSP is a leader in the industry.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Brand identity, promotion and packaging
  • web design and programming
  • E-Solutions
  • Packaging promotion development, design and implementation
  • Tradeshow display and booth creative