• “Working with Create and Associates to develop a new site for FirstView Financial was a very collaborative effort. Cecile Rothschild and her team were able to intuitively pick up on the company’s new branding and strategic direction without being involved with the company or any other materials previously, and translate them to a professional B2B centric site that is exciting, clear and easy to navigate.”

    31 July 2018,   FirstView Financial
    Diane Greco
  • Cecile Rothschild and her team designed the brand identity, marketing materials and an E-commerce website to open and launch La Librarie des Enfants New York City , a children’s bookstore. They created an E-commerce website in Word Press which gives us the freedom to update and manage the website on our own, which Cecile and her team spent time teaching the staff how to manage and update. 

    It is difficult to find a company that can design a full brand identity, implement, design and program an E-commerce website. They are normally experts in only one area, but Create & Associates are experts in both. 

    I highly recommend Create & Associates to anyone opening a business, launching product or who has a need for Website & Graphic Design needs.

    11 February 2017,   La Librairie des Enfants, New York City
    Lynda Ouhenia
  • I am truly thrilled with the website that Cecile created for me–the gorgeous aesthetics are matched by stellar functionality. Cecile is also a pleasure to work with; she was patient, responsive, and always willing to go above and beyond to ensure that I was happy with what was done. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to present their work in the best possible light.

    24 November 2015,   Elizabeth Kemler
  • Create & Associates designed our website and we are very proud of it.  We have gotten so many wonderful compliments.  Many of our students have said they signed up for our classes because they thought the website was so beautiful.  We feel the website is a great reflection of our school and really represents who we are and what we offer. Thank you Create & Associates for your wonderful work.


    10 February 2015,   Jenine Lepera Izzi, Creative Director, New York Jewelry Design Institute
  • As our website is now complete, I wanted to write to thank you for your good work and for hanging in with us.   Websites are a huge project that merge design, format and content —  and I know at times it is not easy.   The good news is that we have a wonderful end product and we all should be really proud of the outcome.  Many thanks!

    25 January 2015,   Wendy R. Nadel, Executive Director, Yonkers Partners in Education